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11/10/2021 20:22

tomorrow, the website will be overhauled. seeing as i'm more focused on other projects right now, i think it's best to put bce in its own section, and basically reorganize the website. for now, here is a new webcomic called "petiva's den".

10/30/2021 00:37

after working on this comic for over a year, i've been thinking of stopping best comic ever. personally, i have no idea where to go with this, as i can't seem to find a way to end off two smal robots. in general, i'm just not happy with what this comic has become. plus, i've been working on other projects, which means even less time for me to work on bce. if i really want to, i might even end up reworking the entire website, with an entirely new domain...of course, bce might still continue, but not at the same pace as it was before.

10/16/2021 14:59

i haven't been here for almost a month. the reason for that is because my internet disconnected for a while and my computer refused to connect. idk why this keeps happening.

9/29/2021 22:53

for today's music of the week, here's an artist you might've heard of. it is j dilla. one of my favorite songs from him is lightworks. anyways, while you listen to the song, make sure to light up the spliffs and uh...yeah.

9/28/2021 20:34

new gif lol

9/25/2021 21:12

so for two days, my computer's internet randomly stopped working. then, out of nowhere, my discord finished loading. i am so happy that i don't have to use my phone for internet access anymore :D

9/22/2021 17:38

music of the week: owl tennis

9/19/2021 18:14

9/19/2021 12:51

the ca

9/18/2021 14:14

9/16/2021 20:54

holy shit three of my videos have over 100 views now. well, mug eats a cup almost has 100 views, but it should pass that by midnight (pdt). thank you guys.

9/15/2021 20:03

whoa cool deltarune chapter 2 is coming out in a few days. anyways, here is da music of the week: this. yes, call me basic for choosing maple leaf rag, but the mario paint version sounds really cool. please give it a listen.

9/12/2021 16:02

hello. within the next two months, i will be making some major changes to the website. here are the plans right now:

note that some changes may not occur, or that there might be more changes not on the list.

9/9/2021 19:23

happy cirno day

9/8/2021 21:24

hello this week here is this ok goodbye

9/5/2021 17:36

there will be more animated comics (mainly from the classic era) coming soon. right now, me and vertice are working on turning these two comics below into animations:

we're not sure which one will be completed first, but they will be animated.

9/2/2021 19:42

the lip syncing took like 45 minutes. anyways, the video is up now! just click on the image and it will take you to the video on youtube!

9/2/2021 18:46

okay, you know what? fuck it, i'm completely redoing the lip sync. it did not come out that well, so to save me some time and your eyes, i'm gonna do what japanese animation studios do. yes, i am being stupid here, but if it turns out a lot better, this will end up saving a lot of time...okay maybe not a LOT, but still.

9/1/2021 15:34

alright, here is the first post of september. here is the musik of the week

today, we have this. even though i only heard of this a year ago, it is very nostalgic for me and idk why.

next, i will be uploading more quagmire commits sex comics and they should all be here by the end of the week. also, some old picture that were basically fan-made adult swim bumpers (but not really) will be here too, but there's a lot of them. because of that, they'll be there within the next 2 or 3 weeks.

we also hit 5,000 views today! and we're already at 5,252 now. seriously, where the hell are all of these people coming from? in all seriousness though, thank you guys for stopping by here.

one last thing, the "paranormal crap" animated video ended up being delayed because i am a procrastinator, so it might be here today, or probably thursday.

8/30/2021 20:27

well shit. looks like tomorrow, i am starting school. wish me luck.

also, "paranormal crap" animated should be out either tomorrow or wednesday, depending on how motivated i am.

8/28/2021 15:50

me and vertice are now working on animating "paranormal crap", aka, this comic:

8/26/2021 16:20

i swear, i'll make more stuff than just these two

8/25/2021 20:23

also, here is more star-c1 art. idk why, but i really like drawing her a lot

and on a side note, i will upload all of my art from deviantart to the art section today.

8/25/2021 17:45

next week, school starts for me, so sadly, i have less time to work on projects. also, for this week on "music of the week", we have a song with a long name. it was also used in the alex video if you saw that. if you haven't, here it is

8/23/2021 16:14

for those wondering who the robot cheerleader was in the most recent comic (101.hj), that was star-c1. here is art of her:

this took several attempts to post properly, and at this point, i'm done even trying.

8/21/2021 23:25

hello again! the comic has been released! lately, me and vertice have been coming up with a lot of ideas for comics, and we are excited to showcase them here! for now though, enjoy the new 101st comic featuring special guest: a non-existent advertisment that's been stuck in my head for the past 4-6 years!

also, now you can see these on the homepage!

8/21/2021 19:08

oh, what's this?

8/21/2021 01:30

i finally finished uploading chapter 1 of quagmire commits sex. tomorrow, i might start uploading chapter 2, as well as make a new format for my chaptered webcomics.

8/19/2021 22:37

hi i don't know what to say so here is a cat bye

her name is stacy btw

8/18/2021 21:42

hello welcome back to week 5 of "music of the week". today, here is minamina goodsong's time for breakfast. my favorite part of this album? probably either "rusty razor" or "parve". also "prime meridian" is the literaly definition of the transition from night to day. idk if it's just me, but yeah.

8/17/2021 12:17

i really liked this prompt so much, i turned it into a comic.

the prompt was generated from here.

8/16/2021 20:54

recently, fandom/wikia finished rolling out the new layout, aka, "FANDOMDesktop". what was the point of that change? and what was wrong with the oasis layout? in general, why do websites always try to change their layouts? sure, i get it, you want to be slick and all, but at least don't fucking rearrange everything.

8/16/2021 03:00

sorry for the lack of updates recently, i have been focusing on a lot of stuff. also, for this website, i plan on trying to make it look somewhat like the wiki. yes, we have a wiki. also, some stuff may be a bit hard to read as of now, but i should be able to get a black background over the general text area within the next week or so.

8/13/2021 23:45

i'm thinking about adding an art section, featuring lots of random art, probably in the style of the gifs page. what do you guys think about that?

8/11/2021 20:47

also week 4 of the weekly music thing. this week, this is the music.

8/11/2021 14:00

on the 6th, i mentioned some plans for animations. well, the top two are being put on hold, becasue i want to focus on another animation celebrating the 100th comic. yes, not only will you get another comic, but it comes with an entire animation!

8/10/2021 19:18

there's a new comic out that is part 2 of 99.33, this time made by another one of my friends, crab!

8/10/2021 16:45

anyone else remember the didj? the leapfrog game console? i remember playing with it during 2011. it was kind of like a handheld wii...but not really, because you had to plug it into a computer to have a custom avatar, but i might be wrong.

8/9/2021 14:39

we hope you enjoyed yesterday, and we just want you to know that you have been fooled. four months and a week late, but still, we hope you enjoyed this prank we pulled onto you guys. and for those who didn't see this in action, click here. don't worry though, you're not really missing much.

8/7/2021 19:41


8/7/2021 16:28

i just did a bunch of work on the website, mainly the comics section.

8/6/2021 22:22

hello i have been awake for 18 hours now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

8/6/2021 09:52

i slept for like 4 hours before waking up at 4 in the morning and getting no extra sleep after that.

8/6/2021 00:37

another list of projects i am currently working on as well as comic status:

hopefully i can get all of these done within the next 3 weeks. me and epicgamertoad have also came up with a lot of new comic ideas, so stay tuned! (wait do people even say that anymore?)

8/4/2021 21:37

there's a lot of stuff i have to mention today.

first, vertice/epicgamertoad has made a new comic for bce, and i made it so that it's on the home page, that way people can find it a bit easier.

second, i need to do the song of the week. another album i really like is the deltron 3030 album. overall, it's a pretty cool album that you should listen to one day. personally, my favorite songs from the album are positive contact, and battlesong.

third and last, i've been notice a growth spurt in views on this website recently. i'm not entirely sure where it came from, but nontheless, thank you for stopping by here! whether you're here because you're bored, or a friend told you about this, we welcome you.

8/3/2021 23:14

IT'S FINNALY HERE! the 99th comic, in the style of your average newspaper! featuring stories full of weird and wacky crap.

8/2/2021 22:25

me and vertice are almost finished with the 99th comic. we've been writing a lot of stuff for the comic. anyways, idk what else to write here, so here is a drawing of withered bonnie i drew yesterday.

8/1/2021 22:09

8/1/2021 15:02

the really cool favicon is here

7/31/2021 22:11

the final zomb attakc is out! now with cliffhangers that will never be mentioned again!

7/31/2021 00:15

here's some new information for the next two comics:

also, the 100th comic is almost here! in just the span of 9 months, we've almost reached 100 comics. if i told myself on 10/22/2020 that i'd still be working on this, he wouldn't believe me at all. i went from being in a hotel with crappy wi-fi (at speeds of only 128 kbps, about as fast as a BRI modem), to having a bunch of comics with me and verice (aka epicgamertoad) finding random unanswered questions we forgot about long ago. man i need to get a life.

7/30/2021 16:27

the official font for the bce comics (well the old ones, mainly the color era) is finally the font for the website. now you can't read anything! :D

it took me 10 minutes to get this to work, mainly because neocities keeps reseting the style.css file. turns out, i had to enter the code, view the page, and reload it.

7/30/2021 00:39

this is a very weird day. it's just me, my computer, and a dark bedroom that i'm in. everyone else i know is either sleeping or off doing other things. for the first time ever, i've worked on two comics at the same time, both zomb attakc 5, and another comic (which i won't reveal anything right now).

in general, it's been fully quiet at the time i'm writing this. not even the sounds of crickets can be heard outside. that's all really.

P.S: what the hell does p.s. stand for

P.S.2: do not actually respond to the question

P.S.3: playstation reference lol

P.S.4: i need to stop doing this because this got old way too quickly

P.S.5: some of my friends are starting to really get on my last nerves

P.S.6: the neocities cat has a name, but i forgot what it was

P.S.7: did you like the music i showed you yesterday?

7/28/2021 14:55

yesterday, the right side of my neck was painful, and i couldn't even look right without feeling extreme pain. thankfully, it's mostly gone now, so i can continues working on stuff.

and we have the second music of the week thing. this week, i'd like to show you this song. 100% banger, 0% nebraska. why did i say that? because nebraska is dumb.

7/26/2021 21:00

hey guys, i apologize for being silent for the last few days, i've been working on the new bce comic and a new animation simotaniously for the past few days.

7/23/2021 17:41

i want to try to remake an old demo reel, more specifically, the synthavision sampler from the 70's. as of now, i've made a model of the character from the lifesavers portion.

7/22/2021 16:23

horray my comic is 9 months old, but that's not important right now.

as for the music thing, this week, i suggest pretty much anything psyche origami has made. the albums i like the most are is ellipsis and the standard.

you've probably heard their music if you watched adult swim during the mid to late-2000's, at least that's how i learned about it.

once again, really cool shit, you should definitely give their music a try one day.

7/21/2021 16:23

you know what would be kind of cool? something where every week, i suggest music that you should listen to. really, it's more of you getting a taste of my music taste.

ok that sounded dirty, but whatever. tomorrow, i'll being whatever this music thing is.

7/19/2021 19:04

FINALLY, i managed to convince myself to release a new comic. i just gave up on july 10, but i managed to pick up by the 18th.

thank god i finally got this released.

7/18/2021 15:28


7/17/2021 21:59

there were no emails lol. what was i expecting.

7/16/2021 20:28

a few days ago, somebody archived this website apparently.

7/16/2021 19:15

tomorrow, i will be reading emails (if there are any). i'll be surprised if there are any, mainly because only like, 750 people know that this website exists.

if there are none, i will wait 4 more days.

7/15/2021 18:19

what the hell it's already the middle of july? it feels like just 2 days ago, i made this website...well it's actually a neocities page, but whatever.

i also apologize for being very lazy lately, i just haven't been able to motivate myself to make the next comic. i promise that there will be a new comic in a few days.

one more thing i should mention is that in a week, it's the 9-month anniversary of bce. man, i still remember making the first comic. it was supposed to be a one-off comic for a few of my friends. then i wanted to make another one, and a few more, and now here we are.

7/14/2021 15:58

7/14/2021 14:29

oh shit i'm almost at 666 views

7/13/2021 21:34

i got flash working again, but it's still going to be a bit before the next comic comes out.

seeing as the website is getting more views, i'm going to do something where i respond to emails.

all you have to do is email me questions or random thing, and every 3 or 4 days, i'll respond to them.

note: the email is called that because that was the original name of bce.

7/12/2021 19:06

recently, i have been having some problems with flash (which is what i use to make bce comics), so zomb attakc 4 will have to be put on hold.

either it crashes out of nowhere, or it stops responding (which is just another version of crashing).

in the meantime, i'll be making a new tab with animated gifs. yes, i do those too.

7/11/2021 22:09

when i first made this website, i didn't realize how many hits i'd get. look at this chart, for example

of course though, when you're making a website that has a tab full of images, you're bound to get hits. what do i mean by this?

you see, a "hit" on a website is a requiest for a certain file. nowadays, though, they're useless. why did i make this post? i have no idea.

7/10/2021 17:26

as of now, you may have noticed that the comics tab looks...clunky and uneven. i plan on making some rearrangements to the tab soon. something like this:

unfortunately, i don't know too much css and html, but as soon asd i figure out how to do this, i'll make the change. but you might be asking

"ultrafurret, why not just put the comics into an image?"

well yeah, but i don't think that's the best approach to this. i just think using css is a better approach.

7/9/2021 14:24

right now, i'm not too focused on making the next zomb attakc comic. my friend, epicgamertoad/vertice is working on another .5 comic.

i also plan on telling some of my other friends about making .5 comics pretty soon. hopefully, that goes down well.

7/8/2021 18:02

so here's the first proper update. i am still working on the website, but for now, i've managed to get somewhat of a basic "layout" set up for now.

also, there's a few new comics, so that's cool i guess.