gifs of awesome

these are random animations i made in my free time in flash.

bce gif a parody of just a bit crazy, but bce.

chishi spin basically what the title says.

crab crab becomes a real crab

distracc get distracted

mug walkc a walk cycle test with mug

portal 3: folder edition leaked gameplay of a portal 3 x best comic ever crossover

stickman dance look guys he is doing the funny dance

animation tests

gifs more directed towards practice, rather than animating them for fun.

tord dies the character wasn't supposed to be tord, but when i colored it, i was just like "fuck it", and there.

page turning the robot was supposed to be crushed by the page, not just go into the 4th dimension.

blink test1 cameron and zoey blinking.

filter tests

i try testing a filter that looks like vhs, but isn't actually vhs at all. i won't make too much of these, as they take up 2 or 3 MB each. NOTE: these will take a few seconds to load when you first open the gifs.

clara plush a simple drawing of a plush, just to test the filter out.

afsf a sports network in best comic ever that hasn't appeared in the actual comic itself.